One Less Polish Orphan

Another Polish Adoption:  With this section of our agency’s blog, we want to show how thankful we are for each child being adopted from Poland!  We are so very blessed to be given the opportunity to see God’s plan unfold before our very own eyes. We love watching our awesome adoptive parents’ journeys!  We’re there for them through the tough times, but this is our favorite part of the process.  Actually, we think it is everyone’s favorite part of the process when you a see the creation of a new family!  We look forward to sharing another Polish adoption story soon! 

Why Is Adoption So Expensive

This is a graph showing, roughly, how the expense are distributed.  This is not a graph of St. Mary's fees, but rather designed to give a general overview of the expenses associated with international adoption.  If you'd like to see our agency's precise fees, please...

Poland Baby Adoption

Polish International Adoption Meet Matt and Rebecca!  They're a North Carolina family, so we've met them in person -so we can tell you first hand that they're copletely awesome!  They fought hard to bring "PK" home!  When we needed something from...

For more information about adopting from Poland, or if you’d like to us to put you in touch with any of these families, please contact Nick.  His email address is  

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