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Great Cause – Personal Connection – Trust

Will you consider including our agency in your end-of-year giving? 

Why St. Mary’s?

Our parents tell us that they want to give back and feel good about being a part of something bigger than themselves!  They say that they make their decision to donate to us, based on 3 determining factors.  These are:

Good Cause

Caring for the “least of these”

Personal Connection

We helped you adopt


You know, firsthand, we’re perfectionists

So, will you consider supporting us?

How Can I Help?

We have a few OPTIONS to chose from!

Donate Directly to Us

We issue tax receipt

Mail a Chech

We issue a tax receipt

What is Donnor Advised Funds?

1. Create an Account with a Financial Institution of Your Choice

Several financial institutions offer this option.  As a donor, you create an account with your preferred financial institution.  Then you put assets in that account.  These assets can be appreciated non-cash assets such as stocks, or other securities, and/or real estate.  You receive a same year tax deduction and could possibly eliminate taxes on non-cash assets.  (For more details please consult a specialist, or visit the sites below for NCF, Schwab, and/or Fidelity). 

2.  Growth

Once you’ve put your assets of your choice in your account, you can recommend your assets be invested for a possible tax free growth.  Depending on the services that the financial institution may offer, you can likely invest those or work with an advisor to determine best investment options for you, if any. 

3. Donate

When you decide the time is right, you can direct your financial institution to make a donation to any qualified 501c3 Non-Profit.  You can chose to make this donation from your account to Saint Mary’s.

Some Options Include:

Donate Directly To Us

We are 501C3 Non-Profit, so we will issue your tax receipt directly to you.

Find a way you like to get involved below:

Some Options Include:

Get Involved!

If everyone we ask decides to get involved with little, it would  end up making a big difference!  Make this commitment now, and enjoy having made a decision that will make a difference! 

Your donation will go towards meeting monthly office expenses.

Help support Saint Mary Adoptions with a $19/month donation.

Pay Our Internet Bill

Get practical!  Commit to helping us pay one bill that is the same every month, such as our monthly internet bill!  Every bill doesn’t seem like much, but they all add up at the end of the month.  Will you help us make it “one less bill”, as we fight every month to make it “one less orphan”? 

Pay one bill that we have that is re-occuring every month.

Office HOA Bill

Our office, as likely every office building, has an HOA that upkeeps the grounds and the parking lot.  Currently our monthly fees for this HOA grounds upkeep is around $247 per month.  Will you committ to taking this expense away monthly?  It will be a huge help!

Donate $247 monthly to help offset the agency's HOA expense.

Pay Our Office Rent

The most expensive monthly item.  Do you want to be our hero and committ to covering our monthy rent?  The agency can expenses here or there when necessary, but it cannot operate without an office.  Your contribution would literary be tied to helping the agency keep its (office) doors open!  

Make a monthly donation committing to covering our office rent of $1,199.

Pay an Application

Encourage someone, an adoptive parent, that is, to get started on their journey!  The first step is the hardest, and without it, nothing else can happen.  Give someone the courage to apply! Cover their cost.  

Make a tax deductible donation to help offset the cost of an adoption for a specific adoptive parent.

The Catherine Grant

One of our sponsors, Catherine, has generously paid the application fee for a future adoptive parent.  This grant is only applicable thru an adoption with Saint Mary’s.  The application fee is worth $500.  If you like to apply for this grant, please email Nick for more info.

Financial sponsor of Saint Mary Adoptions.

Pay For a Home Study

The home study is one of the most comprehensive documents that adoptive parents have to complete.  Once they have completed it, it opens the door for them to apply for grants so they can raise money for their adoption.  If you pay for this step on their behalf (a one time donation), you are literary opening more doors for them than you can imagine. 

Help a family with their adoption expense by making a donation towards their home study fee.

Pay Agency Fee

Cost is one of the biggest deterants for adoptive families to start. Combine this with other concerns, associated with not knowing the process and what it entails, and many people who have the heart to adopt never begin the process because the burden of concern and money combines to make the burden to heavy to carry at once time.  Be the hero who will take away the biggest barrier to the beginning of a process that promises to leave the child with one less orphan!

Help another orphan to get adopted by helping sponsor the fees for adoptive parents pursuing the process.

Dossier Fee

Turning in the adoption paperwork is a huge accomplishment.  It takes most adoptive parents aroun 6 months to put this together.  The sight of relief for parents when it is all finished is rewarding too see! Make the moment even sweeter by off-setting the cost associated with submitting the paperwork!  

Make a donation towards the cost of of a Bulgarian international adoption.

Foreign Fee – First Trip

If the adoptive parents are going on a trip, this means they have said “yes” to the referral of their child, and they are going to visit the child in the foreign country and bond with the child prior to finalizing the adoption.  The cost associated with this is the highest because of the foreign legal fees.  A contribution towards this expense is extra rewarding because now the family is coming togeether since the child has already been identified and the parents are in process of making everything official! Be the person to help them become official!  

Make a worthy donation for a good cause to help save a child thru adoption from Eastern Europe.

Entire Adoption

To whom much is given, much is required. If you have been blessed with the resources to help with making a donation to cover the cost of an entire adoption, incluidng travel and lodging expenses for the family, then bless them with this gift of a lieftime! 

Make the gift of a lifetime by donating all the expenses towards one child's entire adoption.

Mail a Check


Also, you can write a check and make it out to “Saint Mary International Adoptions”.  Any donation for any amount and any purpose. Please mail it to our office:  

Saint Mary International Adoption

10801 Johnston Road, Suite 201

Charlotte, NC 28226 


Donate Using PayPal Giving Fund

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