Ukraine Adoption Update

July 6, 2018

Ukraine Adoption Update

Charlotte, NC – July 6, 2018

Ukraine Adoption Update from Department of State from today.

According to the notice issued today, the State Department reminds adoptive parents that as of December 15, 2017, the new Civil Code of Ukraine increased the appeal period from 10 days to 30 calendar days.

Adoptive parents would have to wait out the new 30 day waiting period before being able to apply for a new birth certificate and passport, in order to finalize the adoption.

However, the wait to obtain the passport and new birth certificate may an additional 6 – 12 weeks – according to the Department of State.

These 6 – 12 weeks in country while waiting on the passport and the birth certificate are in addition, above and beyond, the 30 days described above.

This increases the total time adoptive parents have to spend in Ukraine to several months.

To read the notice from the Dept. of State, please click here.



If we receive more updates about this adoption update from Ukraine, we will update this blog.  Please check back.