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Saint Mary International Adoptions

Saint Mary’s Founder:  My Mission to Start this Adoption Agency


On November 8, 1992, By God’s grace, I survived a terrible car crash.  I hope the picture of the car wouldn’t be seen as disturbing, but rather as proof of the miracle that took place that day.

Some may call it a “near-death experience” and there may be different descriptions as to what that means, but I can share with you that the only thing going through my mind was:

“Oh Lord, what is going to happen to my son?  Who will take care of my child?”

I believe that God heard my cry, and by His grace, mercy, and love, he gave me a new life so that I can see my son grow up.  The new life God gave me is in His Son Jesus Christ, “that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life”. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.”  God had a plan for my new life: not only be able to raise my son but He gave me a heart full of love and passion for orphans.  It is by His grace alone that my son didn’t became one. God assigned me a mission to start this adoption agency and to serve orphans through it.

We begin our workday with a prayer.  We pray that the adoptive parents who God has chosen to adopt through His agency will find us easily.  We look forward to serving those whom He has for us so that we can serve them through a process that will result not only in one less orphan, but also with another child being raised in a Christian home growing up to know Christ Jesus.

For those who may like to learn more, I look forward to sharing.  And by the way, my son, after graduating from Business school told me that he too wanted to be a part of the agency as he feels God is calling him.  

The photo below is of us at an adoption conference in 2015. 

 To God be the glory,

-Saint Mary International Adoptions Founder 

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