Update:  2 Less Polish Orphans

June 12, 2017 – Charlotte, North Carolina.

We’re humbled to report that as of June 12, 2017, there are officially 2 less orphans in the world!

As we welcomed home Eric and Wiebke, previously a family of 2, and now a family of 4, we give all the glory to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

To God be the glory for each step it took for this journey to be completed.  He put the desire on Eric and Wiebke’s hearts.  He guided them the path to take.  He provided for them, in more ways than one!

It was a pleasure serving you Eric and Wiebke!

A special thank you to our Polish adoption team who worked extra hard amidst the restructuring process in Poland to work with the new adoption center and see this adoption finalized!

A special thank you to Forest Hill Church in Charlotte and its pastors and Life Group Leaders whom we saw were a huge spiritual support for Eric and Wiebke during the process!

To God be the glory!

Video from June 2 

Adopting from Poland | Saint Mary International Adoptions

June 2, 2017 – Charlotte, North Carolina.

We’re blessed to give you an update from one of our adoptive families who is in Poland.

This is a family from Charlotte, so we can tell you, for a fact how awesome they are because we’ve meet them in person!

Their faith in God has been astonishing to watch during their journey this far.  With Poland’s restructing process, their procedures were slowed down.  But they did not complain.  They waited patiently and trusted that God is in control in the middle of the storm.

As Polish adoption procedures are coming back to normal now, our family’s faith was rewarded when the new adoption center in Warsaw processed their case.  Their bonding period is now complete and the Polish judge shortened their waiting period.

Bonding is literally the process of becoming a family – simply by doing life together 24/7.  Its always sweet.  Never easy.  And always awesome!  Overcoming your first challenges as a family is awesome, even it it isn’t always easy.  Eric and Wiebke have been nothing but patient and loving through it all.  Because of that, they’re doing a little bit better each and every day.

We can’t wait to have them come home.  Less than 9 days away now!

To God be the glory for each child adopted into a loving family!








All Smiles after court  

Bonding period

-From the Staff at Saint Mary’s-

Wiebke and Eric, you’re an answered prayer for our agency.  Our prayer is that He’ll use us for His plans and purposes.  Our prayer is that He’ll send us the parents He wants us to serve.  Serving you has been an answred prayer for us.  Thank you! 


Our prayer today is that He lets us serve many more families who are strong in their faith – like you.


To support this family and help them with their adoption expenses, you can click to donate to their fundly account below.

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