Polish International Adoption Updates

Happy Birthday Luisa!

We didn’t know we were sending you to Poland on your birthday, but we sure like it!

Thank you for your patience in between trips!  We know that waiting in between trips is some of the most difficult time for adoptive parents! And you guys did a great job of being patient and kind!  We know that each day may have seemed like eternity when all you want to do is go get your kiddos and bring them home!

We we also know that once you’re back home, you’ll never remember those difficult days.  You probably won’t even remember the pain you put into preparing your home study, and its updates.  Nor will you remember the time consuming organizational skills that you had to implement to put together your Polish adoption dossier.   Let’s face it, no one likes affidavits, oaths, and apostilles. These words don’t even sound fun…

But you did it!  You didn’t quit! You persevered when it was difficult!  You didn’t give up!

As a result of that, there are two kids in Poland who couldn’t be more lucky to have you as their parents!  To them, you’re everything! God bless you guys!

It is a pleasure to have served you this far!  We’re looking forward to video chatting during your bonding period.  But even more so, we’re looking forward to just going back to talking on the phone – because that is what we do when you’re stateside!

I hope you like the countdown below! We look forward to it being all zeroes.

Counting Down to 2 LESS ORPHANS..








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