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Welcome to our general adoption blog.  We use our blog to give updates about international adoption from Bulgaria and Poland and Waiting Child Adoption.  We also want to keep our readers updated about adoption statistics and adoption news from around the world.  Some of our blogs can also focus on the home study process or home studies for US citizens living abroad

 As we update our adoption blog, we feel humbled to be able to watch God’s miracles taking with His families, though our agency.  We hope that the readers will join us in prayer for our families in process.

We hope you enjoy our adoption blog!



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Why Is Adoption So Expensive

Why Is Adoption So Expensive

This is a graph showing, roughly, how the expense are distributed.  This is not a graph of St. Mary's fees, but rather designed to give a general overview of the expenses associated with international adoption.  If you'd like to see our agency's precise fees, please...

Children Separated from Parents at Border

  There has been a lot of talk in the past few days about children separated from their parents at the US border.  According to one article written by NPR which can be found here, "since early May, 2,342 children have been separated from their parents after...

How To Apostille Docs for the Hague Convention?


Waiting Child Mae Fees payable to third parties, not our agency, are NOT included. Examples of those include fees due to a home study agency in your state, fees due to USCIS (apprx $900), fees for travel (airfare) and hotels/lodging overseas are not included. ...

How to Apostille Certificates in NJ

How To Apostille Marriage Certificate from NJ?   Your marriage certificate is from NJ.  For your adoption, you need 2 originals apostilled.  You would have to contact the County which issued your marriage certificate and get 4 certified copies all together. 2 of...

How To Apostille Certs in North Carolina

How To Get an Apostille for Your Marriage Certificate? Your marriage certificate is from NC, so it will go to NC Secy of State with the other documents.  Remember, everything is in 2 sets, so you'll get 2 of these apostilled.What To Do With Birth Certificates? Good...

How To Apostille Birth Certificates from IL and NC

How To Apostille a Birth Certificate from Illinois?You would have to send birth certificates (2) to IL Secretary of State to be apostilled. The address is: Chicago Office:Illinois Secretary of StateIndex Department17 N. State St., Ste 1010Chicago, IL 60602 IL charges...

Post Adoption Declaration

How to Prepare and Apostille The Post Adoption Declaration?Poland has recently increased attention to their post adoption requirements and are asking that parents agree ahead of time to follow their post adoption requirements, and that this document is presetned at...

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