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Total Adoptions for 2017

  • Ages 1-2 4.76%
  • Ages 3-4 17.69%
  • Ages 5 – 12 48.98%
  • Ages 13 – 17 27.89%

Total Adoptions for 2016

  • Ages 1-2 1.0%
  • Ages 3-4 31.34%
  • Ages 5 – 12 46.27%
  • Ages 13 – 17 21.39%

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Step 1 - View Waiting Children

Careful when doing that.  Understand that not all countries are made the same.  Neither are all agencies.  More often than not, you would not qualify to adopt a child prior to having your paperwork ready.  This means an approved home study, a CIS approval, and a dossier.  That takes atleast 6 months, usually.   No point in falling in love with a child prior to having that paperwork. 

Bulgaria is an exception to this rule, because the Bulgarian MOJ will give future parents the benefit of the doubt that they will in fact complete those requirements.  If the MOJ approves your application to adopt a child listed on their list, they will take the child off the list for 6 months – while you work to get your CIS approval and other papers.  If you fail to do so, the planned adoption would not continue. 

Understand that this permission is done at a government level, not agency level.  Agencies don’t have that authority.    Agencies have not authority to “hold” a child until you become approved.  So as you are researching ask these questions.    We do not charge adoptive parents to help them prepare the application needed for MOJ. 

Step 2 - Consult a Doctor

Consulting with a doctor is always a good idea.  Whether you purse “traditional process” or the “waiting child adoption process”, getting a medical opinion about the child’s special needs is something you should do.  

Children who are on the waiting lists will sometimes be on these lists because their needs are more severe than other children.  That is more reason to make sure that you are not acting on impulse, but that you’ve done what you can to prepare yourselves for some of the struggles ahead of you in helping your child overcome whatever issues he or she may be dealing with.  

Don’t rush into a life long decision without talking to a doctor.

Step 3 - Complete MOJ Application

Prepare Application for Bulgarian Ministry of Justice

So, don’t fall in love with a child who may or may not be there.  Don’t rush in on an impulse.  Along with that, be aware of agencies who make it seem as if though you need to send in your application and fee very quickly because there is another family who might do it any minute.  

Though, it is true that there are other adoptive parents who may adopt a child you’re considering, don’t worry.  Don’t worry because God has a plan for you and your family.  He is not going to mess it up if you’re a “few days late”.   Besides, no agency has the legal right to “secure” a child for you.  These children are under the jurisdiction of foreign countries’ governments.  

The Bulgarian Ministry of Justice has an application.  Before you even become our client, we’ll give you this application.  You’ll fill it out.  We’ll submit it to Bulgarian Central Authority – Ministry of Justice.  If they approve it, then we can help you. Then we’ll ask you to become our client.  Then, we’ll give you our application which is the first time a fee is due to the agency ($300).  

After we approve your application, then we continue with the agency’s contract and the fee due with that.   However, we don’t want to lead you on, charge you for services which aren’t really ours to provide.  We’ll want to be certain that we’ll be able to help you adopt the child that you want to adopt before we accept you as a client.  

Bulgarian Adoption Cost – Waiting Child Route: 

Documented agency fees – precisely $21,500 AND 8,000 Euros (Roughly $30,000).  It is spread over time.

Additional cost, like air travel, described below – roughly another $10,000

If you qualify for one of our financing options, for a $20,000 Adoption Loan with a 60 month term at 5.99% APR, the monthly payment can be approximately as low as $387.

 Financing – Monthly Payments Available 


Waiting Child Fee Schedule

MOJ Application Preparation Free (most agencies charge for this)
Upon submission of Application to MOJ 1,600 Euro Wire to Bulgaria
Agency Applicaiton Fee $300 Due with application
Agency Fee $6,200 Payment Plan Available
IAAME Overseight Fee $500 Per child – Payable to IAAME – Due w contract
Dossier Fee $6,500 Due 6 – 9 months after Agency Fee
1,000 Euro Wire to Bulgaria
MOJ Approval of Dossier 5,400 Euros
Due about 3 months after dossier wire to Bulgaria
First Trip $5,000 Due shortly before travel
PayPal Available
Second Trip $3,000 Due shortly before travel
PayPal Available
Total $21,500 and 8,000 Euro


Bulgarian Adoption Cost – Simplified.

If you qualify for one of our financing options, for a $20,000 Adoption Loan with a 60 month term at 5.99% APR, the monthly payment can be approximately as low as $387.

Our fees shown above are well documented and you can expect that they will NOT change
Other cost through the adoption process is expected to be around $10,000 in addition to the ones shown above.
These costs will be made up of the following:
Home Study Fees (likely payable to a local agency in your state, unless you’re in NC)
Airplane Tickets
Cost of staying overseas and taking care of yourself and your child while in Bulgaria
State and federally regulated certification or processing fees
Mailing expenses
Other third party fees
All of these fees are variable in nature. 
More Questions

St. Mary's President - is Bulgarian

Our Founder and acting CEO, Lina was born in Bulgaria.  She spent most of her adult life in Bulgaria where she obtained her Ph.D.  Having lived there, she’s personally known the best attorneys in Bulgaria before they even knew they’d work together one day (now) to help people adopt children.  She understands the culture.  Knows how Bulgaria works.  Knows the best people.

Our first Bulgarian child was placed in 2002.

Health of the Children

Bulgaria is good about providing a lot of detailed information relative to other countries. They are also good about answering addtitional questions. Often times, even videos can be made available.
Bulgaria’s “waiting children” will typlically have more pressing needs if they’re younger. Adoptive parents, in order to be qualified to adopt them need to consult a doctor who can help the parents evaluate the info provided, including the videos, and make educated decisions judging their own capabilites and the child’s needs. Older children, pre-teens and teens, may by on the waiting child list only because of age.

Bulgaria’s traditional adoption program, though it can take upto 3 years of waiting, gives adoptive parents quite a bit of input in regards to what they’re willing to accept or not accept. This is done through a medical questionnaire that the adoptive parents complete.

If parents are ok with waiting estimated for the “traditional route”, this might be a good option.

As with any other country, the medical and social info is made available by the governmental authorities who suprevise the adoption process.

Often times the father will have unclear history, or history will not be provided.


Bulgaria is very light on travel.  2 Very Short trips.  About 7 – 10 days each.  No Court Appeareance necessary.  Our attorneys complete court requirements for you in between trips.

Watch this video to see what one mom says about traveling to Bulgaria.

Age of the Children

Children of all ages area avilable for adoption from Bulgaria.  Children in the “traditional route” considered by the Bulgarian MOJ to be in reletaviely good health who are between the ages of 1 and 4 will pose the longest wait time.

From there on, children from 5 – 8 will take less waiting.

And children over 8 will take the least amount of anticipated waiting.  Which will likely be under a year.

For more info on how the time frames can vary and how your input plays a role, please contact us and we will explain.


The timing for Bulgaria can be quite different depending on whether you go the “traditional route” or the “waiting child route”. 

 Waiting Child Route:

Whole process can take about a year, maybe even a little less.

If MOJ approves your application for the child you want to adopt, they take the child off their waiting list, and give you 6 months to meet paper requirements.

In those 6 months, you complete home study and dossier.

After submitting that paperwork to Bulgarian MOJ, it is estimated that you’ll be invited to visit your child about 3 moths later.

Then, there are about 3 months in between trips.

Bulgaria requires 2 trips which are 7 to 10 days in length.

Traditional Route:

With traditional, the process can take a few years.  You have to meet the same paperwork requirements as waiting child, but there is no “timeline to chase” set by the MOJ, so you can go at your own pace in competing your home study and your dossier.  Then you turn in that adoption paperwork to Bulgarian MOJ and wait to be matched with a child.  Depending on your criteria, your wait can vary.  Trip requirements are the same.

Remember:  you can pursue both “traditional” and “waiting child” at the same time.

Do I Qualify

Waiting Child:  Very much lessened req’s.  It is more of a case by case scenario – you apply directly with MOJ.  They decide.  KEY: we don’t charge you anything to help you apply and find out.

Traditional:  Have to be 15 years older than child. No more than 50 year difference.  No lenght of marriage req.


Step 1 - Apply With Our Agency

Apply With Our Agency

After deciding that adoption is what you’d like to pursue, the two biggest questions that follow are what country and what agency?  You should probably look at country first, since different countries have different requirements, like age, that may not work for you.  Then agency is a big one also.  Different agencies work very differently from one another. 

You would be surprised as to how different your experience can be based on the agency you select.  We’re specialized and focused on 2 countries in close proximity to each other.  We have nearly 20 years of experience with each and we confident that we know how to help our parents navigate through their process for each.  


Step 2 - Do Paperwork

Prepare Adoption Paperwork

Preparing your paperwork is the first way you’ll experience that agencies do things differently.   With us, you will work with person that tells you about the process before you become a client.  That person will be your contact the whole time, from start to finish.  You will not get passed on to others as you advance thru the process.   Prepareing the paperwork, in addition to being a legal task, is also important in terms of cultural interpretation.  Preparing the paperwork in mind with how a country works and what it wants to see is a big step.  

That is why being an expert on few countries rather offering many is a business strategy that we have chosen.  We think it allows us to serve our clients better. 

Our president and founder is Bulgarian born and educated.  That gives the agency an even deeper understanding of Bulgaria in particular and Eastern Europe as a region. 

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Step 3 - Apply to CIS

Submit Home Study to CIS 

First major milestone is to get the approval of USCIS.  Consistent with the laws guiding your international adoption, an approval from government is needed in order for you to be considered by the foreign government.  Therefore, once prepared, your home study is turned into USCIS.  USCIS will do their own fingerprints (in addition to the ones we ran on you) and based on our social worker’s recommendation, will issue their approval for you as adoptive parents.   This document plays a key role of your dossier. 

In addition to meeting state and federal requirements, the home study that you are submitting to CIS must also meet the foreign country’s requirements.  

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Bulgaria Adoption Cost – Traditional Route

Traditional Fee Structure
Applicaiton Fee $300 Due with application
Agency Fee $6,200 Payment Plan Available (Due with signed contract -PayPal or check)
IAAME Overseight Fee $500 Per child – Payable to IAAME – Due w contract
Dossier Fee $6,500 On your time table – when you complete your dossier (PayPal or check)
1,000 Euro Wire to Bulgaria
Foreign Fees
First Trip 5,000 Euros and $5,000 After you’ve been matched and accepted your child. (Wire and PayPal)
Second Trip 2,000 Euros and $3,000 After court date has approved you as parents. (Wire and PayPal)
Total $21,500 and 8,000 Euro

Bulgarian Adoption Cost – Simplified.

If you qualify for one of our financing options, for a $20,000 Adoption Loan with a 60 month term at 5.99% APR, the monthly payment can be approximately as low as $387.

Step 1 - Apply With Our Agency

Combine “Traditional” and “Waiting Child”

Ultimately, in order to adopt from Bulgaria, you have to prepare the SAME amount of paperwork.  

So, with our agency, we will let you switch or pursue both routes at the same time.  No fee to change or switch.  


Saint Mary International Adoptions’ Bulgaria Adoption Program

Our agency founder is Bulgarian born.  Our first ever adoption was from Bulgaria, back in 2002.  Over the years we’ve seen Bulgaria slow down and pick up.  Currently, there are many Bulgarian adoptions taking place each year! We have seen an increasing number of Bulgarian applications for our agency in recent years.  

We invite you to learn about the process through our parents’ success stories and their personal interviews about the Bulgarian adoption process with our agency. These stories provide unique and unfiltered perspectives.  

We’d like to humbly point out that the parents you’ll see in the videos are the true heroes who sacrificed quite a bit to get their children home. 

As believers, we praise God for each child adopted and the desire for each adoption into our parents’ hearts. 



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We think it is important for adoptive parents to understand the cultural and economic facts about the country they are planning to adopt from.  It is helpful to understand the situation and the circumstances surrounding the people and children. Below are a few facts we took from CIA’s website.  To read in depth about Bulgaria, click on the map and it will take you to this source. 

  • Religion: Eastern Orthodox 59.4%; Unspecified 27.4%   
  • Literacy: Total population: 98.4%     
  • Population: 7.1 million 
  • Unemployment: 28.4%

Verse of Day - August 17, 2018

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

Joshua 1:9


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