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How long does the adoption process take?

Most families we serve with international adoption from Poland or Bulgaria complete their adoptions within 2 to 3 years.   Of course, there are many variables that can affect this timeline. 

How much does adoption cost?

Our agency fees are well documented so you will not be surprised.  Poland is precisely $32,500 and Bulgaria is precisely $21,000 plus 8,000 Euros.  You can expect these will NOT change.  Fees are spread over time and payable via PayPal.

Additional cost that accumulates through the process is roughly another $10,000 – $12,000.  Learn more about it here.  

Is my family eligible to adopt?

Countries differ greatly.  Bulgaria is more relaxed.  Poland has stricter criteria. 

See statistics, facts, and requirements from all over the world – Click HERE! 

Our Mission

To serve through international adoption.  Our prayer is that orphans placed with believers will be told about who Jesus Christ is, and that He died and rose again, for our sins. 

We’re a highly specialized agency focusing on being an expert in a few countries, rather than offering many. 

Phone 704 527 7673

If you have any questions, give us a call at 704 527 7673.  More contact info here.  Questions? Email Nick directly at

International Adoption Services

We provide international adoption services from Poland and Bulgaria. We are blessed to have over 18 years of experience with Polish and Bulgarian International Adoptions.

Since 2001, we’ve witnessed over 207 less orphans!

To us, the adoptive parents are the true heroes who sacrifice so much to give these orphans a loving home.

As believers, we praise God for each child adopted and the desire for each adoption He placed in our parents’ hearts.

Less Orphans Since 2001

Children adopted in 2015/16/17

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Waiting Children Photolisting

Waiting Children

Only a small number of children that our parents adopt appear on this “waiting child” photo-listing.  Bulgarian MOJ allows this expedited procedure for children whom they consider to need homes more quickly.  Advocating for them in this way increases their chance of being adopted.  All paperwork and approvals are the same for “waiting child” as for the other option which we call “traditional adoption”. 

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