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Down Syndrome Children Photolisting

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Down Syndrome Advocate

We try to find parents who wish to adopt children with Down Syndrome.  Though Down Syndrome can be challenging, many people find it beautiful and are very drawn to it. It seems like children who have this condition have a unique innocence about them and their understanding of the world.   We advocate for children with all kinds of special needs, but DS is certainly special on our hearts.  We want to help these children find loving homes in the US through international adoption.  Please see a photolisting of children with Down Syndrome who are available for adoption.

Down Syndrome FAQ

How Common is Down Syndrome?

According to the CDC, about one in every 772 babies in the United States is born with Down Syndrome, making it the most common chromosomal condition. About 5,100 babies with Down syndrome are born in the United States each year.

What Causes Down Syndrome?

According to the National Down Syndrom Society, “all people with Down syndrome have an extra, critical portion of chromosome 21 present in all or some of their cells.  There is no definitive scientific research that indicates that Down syndrome is caused by environmental factors or the parents’ activities before or during pregnancy“.

For more info, you can visit National Down Syndrom Society.

Here is another article called “Facts, Myths and Truths About Down Syndrome”

What Resources Are Available for Adoptive Parents?

Reece’s Rainbow is a non-profit which advoctes and fundraises for international adoption of children with Down Syndrome.  More info about what they do to help adoptive parents financially can be found here.   

For more info on grants, please see our page here. 



The Waiting children you see listed above may no longer be available for adoption.  Multiple parties are trying to find parents for these children, and someone whom we don’t know may already be pursuing the adoption of any child.  For this reason, let us check on the status of any child you are interested in before going any further.

In accordance with US regulations, our agency promises to inform the Serbian Ministry if we become aware that a family with a completed home study may be interested in adopting any “waiting child” for whom our agency has already submitted an application.  The reason for this is that the Ministry, upon its sole discretion, may decide that it is in the best interest of the child to be matched with a family who has a completed home study.

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