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Step 1 - Apply With Our Agency

Apply With Our Agency

After deciding that adoption is what you’d like to pursue, the two biggest questions that follow are what country and what agency?  You should probably look at country first, since different countries have different requirements, like age, that may not work for you.  Then agency is a big one also.  Different agencies work very differently from one another. 

You would be surprised as to how different your experience can be based on the agency you select.  We’re specialized and focused on 2 countries in close proximity to each other.  We have nearly 20 years of experience.  That gives us confidence that we can navigate our parents through the process for each of our 2 countries.   

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Step 2 - Do Paperwork

Prepare Adoption Paperwork

Preparing your paperwork is the first way you’ll experience that agencies do things differently.   With us, you will work with the person that tells you about the process before you become a client. 

That person will be your contact the whole time, from start to finish.  You will not get passed on to others as you advance thru the process.   Prepareing the paperwork, in addition to being a legal task, is also important in terms of cultural interpretation.  Preparing the paperwork in mind with how a country works and what it wants to see is a big step.  

That is why being an expert on few countries rather offering many is a business strategy that we have chosen.  We think it allows us to serve our clients better. 

“Step 3” – Working on Dossier – is done sumultaneously to working on the home study, with our close guidence. 

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Step 3 - Get Approvals

Submit Home Study to CIS 

First major milestone is to get the approval of USCIS.  Consistent with the laws guiding your international adoption, an approval from government is needed in order for you to be considered by the foreign government.  Therefore, once prepared, your home study is turned into USCIS.  USCIS will do their own fingerprints (in addition to the ones we ran on you) and upon their review process will issue their approval.   This document plays a key role of your dossier. 

In addition to meeting state and federal requirements, the home study that you are submitting to CIS must also meet the foreign country’s requirements.

Remember, parallel to completing the home study, we will help you put together your “Polish Adopton Dossier”.  

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Poland Adoption Cost: 

Documented agency fees – precisely $32,500.  It is spread over time.

Additional cost, like air travel, described below – roughly another $10,000.

If you qualify for one of our financing options, for a $20,000 Adoption Loan with a 60 month term at 5.99% APR, the monthly payment can be approximately as low as $387.


Poland Adoption Cost – Financing – Monthly Payments Available

Fees Paid in US
Application $300 Due with applicaiton
Agency Fee $6,200 Payment plan available
IAAME Overseight Fee $500 Per child – Payable to IAAME – Due w contract
Dossier Fee $6,500 Due at your pace
Foreign Country Fees
Wire with Dossier $1,000 Due with submission of dossier
In Country Fee (Wire) $10,000 Due after you’ve accepted your child
Fee Due w Trip (Wire) $8,000 Due when you go to Poland
TOTAL $32,500 See additional costs below

Polish Adoption Cost – Simplified.

If you qualify for one of our financing options, for a $20,000 Adoption Loan with a 60 month term at 5.99% APR, the monthly payment can be approximately as low as $387.

Our fees shown above are well documented and you can expect that they will NOT change
Other cost through the adoption process is expected to be around $10,000 in addition to the ones shown above. These costs will be made up of the following:
Home Study Fees (likely payable to a local agency in your state, unless you’re in NC)
Airplane Tickets
Cost of staying overseas and taking care of yourself and your child while in Poland
State and federally regulated certification or processing fees
Mailing expenses
Other third party fees
All of these fees are variable in nature. 
Poland Adoption | Frequently Asked Questions


1 Trip. Trip is triggered by a court order from a Polish judge. It is  6 – 7 weeks in length.  Although, it could vary.

Poland is serious about doing the bonding right – so they expect the parents to sacrifice to make this trip.  One parent can leave after about 3 weeks.   Poland is a nice place to stay.

Most people find out that their employers will go along with it.  We’re happy to write letters to confirm your absence.  In addtion, federal law says that you have the right to 12 weeks FMLA.

No "Waiting Children"

You’re not eligible to veiw any waiting children in Poland before you’ve completed your dossier and submitted it to the Polish Central Authority.

Poland only considers your file for adoption after you’ve obtained the necessary paperwork.

Agencies don’t have the “power” to hold your children.  For more on this, review the Hague Convention.

No "Hosting"

Saint Mary International Adoptons has never had a hosting program. 

As far as we know, we have not seen “hosting” or any similar wording described under Hague Adoption Law.  We have not seen “hosting” described in our US law – under 22CFR96. 

Therefore, we are not aware of any hosting options, or the laws that govern these procedures.     

Please do not contact us about hosting.  

For more on this, review the Hague Convention.

Health of the Children

Most often the diagnosis we see coming from Poland is some sort of suspesion of FAS, low birth weigh, and/or neglect.

Of course, each child will have different needs.  Developmental dealys to be expected as usual in international adoption, though Polish orphanges and care provided is pretty nice relative to other countries.

We do NOT see many severe special needs cases such as Cerebral Palsy or Autism.

Age of the Children

Most adoptions from Poland we help our parents with are for children between the ages of 1-4.

Age restrictions for adoptive parents start at age 40.

Siblings are available, and we would say are even common.


About 2 – 3 years from start to finish.

Year 1, you’ll be doing your homework. This means you will be preparing your paperwork requirements – with our help and advice.

Year 2, you will wait to be matched with your child. Once you accept your child, you’ll be going to Poland to do your bonding and complete the req’s to bring your child home.

Of course, both of these “estimations” are variable.  Some on your own speed and criteria.  Some on government.

Do I Qualify

For Poland, 3 Years Marriage Length.  40 year difference for the mom, 45 for the dad.

For the agency, we evaluate whether it is a good fit to be working together as we get to know you when we chat on the phone.

Is Poland Open?

Poland is open.   We’re accepting applications.

The country did go through a change in 2017.  It appears one of its centers, in Warsaw, assumed on more responsibility in processing international adoptions.  It appears that has slowed things down.

Historically, Poland has kept its program open, even during transitions as big as implementing a structure consistent with the Hague convention in the early 2000s.  During that time, many other countries temporarily closed down until they could implement the needed changes to comply with requirements.  Poland did not.  Therefore, historically, it appears they’re committed to international adoption.

Poland has never been a “big adoption program”.  Total adoptions to the US for the past 10 years range in the numbers between 30 and 50, with the exception of 2015 and 2016 where the total adoptions to the US increased to 60 and 98 respectively.

We don’t claim to have a magic ball and tell you what the future holds for Poland.  However, we’ve worked there since 2001 and we remain committed to its process.

We’re continuing to serve our parents with their adoptions from Poland and have seen several cases come to completion, even in the “transition year of 2017”.

We’re aware that other agencies have chosen to close their Polish programs, but we have worked there longer and are choosing to remain.

Statistically speaking, even with this slowdown, Poland’s process is still relatively fast compared to other countries throughout the world.

For the best information about Poland, or any other country, we recommend notifications from the US Department of State – as that is the best source of information.  Other sources, such as facebook groups or blogs – not so much.

Poland, as a Catholic country, has strong family values.  They love their orphans and they have proven so over the years.  As a Christian agency, we stand with their values and will keep serving our parents with adoptions from Poland.

St. Mary's Advantage

Longest standing agency in Poland.  Since 2001.

Most expereience and knowledge about the Polish commission’s req’s, in practice.

By His grace, over 200 Polish children placed since 2001.

Saint Mary International Adoptions’ Poland Adoption Program 

As we have so much experience in Polish adoptions, we like to show future adoptive parents what adopting from Poland is like by more than just bullet points and our words alone.

Because we have helped so many parents since 2001, we have many stories to share with you – which they’ve gracefully shared with us!

Learning about the process through these stories is fun.  Yet, it is educational to see real stories, real families, real children.  We invite you to check out our video libraries full of success stories.  You will also fee adoptive parent interviews.  Unfiltered and unique perspectives. 

Though we love that we were able to help all these families, we’d like to humbly point out that the parents are the true heroes who sacrificed quite a bit to get their children home. 

As believers, we praise God for each child adopted and the desire for each adoption into our parents’ hearts. 

These are our most current Poland Adoption stories – “Happening now”

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Poland Adoption | 8 Years Later

Before and After Poland Adoption Story | 8 Years Later

Polish Adoption Story | 9 Years Later

We can’t believe that it has been 9 years since this Polish adoption was finalized. But here you have it – 9 years after photo – for these children who were adopted from Poland.

More Videos shared by Parents (Slider) 

Finalized Polish Adoption | Video

“We will wait because we feel in our hearts that God wants us to wait, because these are our children! And so, we’ll wait!”

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Polish International Adoption

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Polish Adoption: St. Mary’s Adopted Children

We wanted to share this video of this beautiful little girl who was adopted by a wonderful Christian family. She is growing up to know Jesus as she signs this "Jesus loves me" song. From the staff at St. Mary's, we feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to...

Adoptive dad answers questions about Poland.

Picking an agency 

Tell Me More

What are Polish orphanages like?

A few more videos

Polish Culture and Stats

Poland has some of the best ratios of caregivers to children (apprx 1:8) and is a US/NATO Ally.

The info below is shared from CIA’s FactBook, Poland Page  that provides data on each country in the world by our very own CIA.  

Human beings are complicated, we all know that.  But some believe that education and religion can often times play an important role in the decisions you make for yourslef, your helath, your babies, even if these babies end up for adoption.  Here are some statistics about Poland that we found on CIA’s website.


  • Religion: Roman Catholic 89.8%  
  • Literacy: Total population: 99.7%     
  • Mother’s mean age at first birth: 26.6
  • Population: 38,383,809
  • Unemployment: Ages 15 – 24: Total: 28.9%
  • Population below poverty line: 10.6%    

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