Covid 19 Updates Relating to Adoption

Adoptive mom hugs her adorable new son.

One Less Orphan During Covid –  Sept 5, 2020

We are blessed to be able to say that there is one less orphan in the world – during Covid.  Our family came home with their 3 year old son from Bulgaria on September 5, 2020.  To see their story, please visit this page

Bulgarian International Adoption

No More Quarantine – August 8, 2020

Our accredited Bulgarian partner agency has told us that Bulgaria is no longer requiring that US citizens have to quarantine for 14 days.  Instead, all that is required is that US adoptive parents show a negative Covid test at customs – at the airport.  When our family went on their second trip to pick up their 3 year old son from Bulgaria , they were told, “Welcome to Bulgaria”!

Bulgaria Allows Skype – July 27, 2020

Because of Covid, Bulgarian authorities have have been graceful and understanding to allow US adoptive parents to meet their child through video chat, such as Skype, instead of requiring a physical trip, like is customary.  We are very thankful for their willingness to adjust to the current situation and allow adoption proceedings to continue so that orphans can come home more quickly.  Thank you!

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