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-May 11, 2018 – Mexico City – 


Last month, in April, we sent our social worker, Jennifer to Mexico.  There she met one of our awesome adoptive families who are in the process of adopting from Poland.

However, they currently live in Mexico.  Jennifer went to Mexico City to do their home study.

She absolutely loved them and we’re very excited to help them get their CIS approval.

Next step would be to submit their completed dossier to Poland and start their wait to be matched with their child.

Though Poland is moving a bit slower than its usual self – it is open and moving.  We look forward to reporting “faster news” from there soon!

To learn more about how to do a home study and adopt while living abroad, please contact us.

We do provide the entire service, from home study, to a fully completed adoption, for expats.  


Social Worker going to Mexico
Home Study for US Citizens Abroad
Jennifer doing a home study for adoptive parents in Mexico

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