Polish Adoption Update


We’re very happy to share good news about one of our adoptive families currently in Poland. 

First, let us tell you that this is their second adoption.  They’re one of the special ones who got the unexpected call telling them that their (first) adopted daughter’s biological sister has become available for international adoption. 

Upon, hearing these news, they agreed that God was calling them to go back to Poland to get her. 

As Poland implemented some changes to their adoption procedures, they were worried that this may delay them.  And that such a delay may interfere with a deadline they had – from the military. 

However, we serve an awesome God who knows our needs!

So much so that this family’s entire process aligned in such a way that they were able to not only be back in time for their military deadline, but they had 2 days to spare. 

If you’re new to researching Polish adoption, please don’t take this blog post to mean that we can so magically manage international adoption travel and help align requirements to your schedule.  The truth is that we can’t.  

And though our representatives in Poland worked hard to help accomodate, we can’t take the credit for this awesome story.  We kind of wish we could, but we can’t. 

The glory goes to the awesome God that we serve! 

We’re thrilled to see another Polish orphan on her way to a loving, Christ-loving family! 





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