Adopted Girl Raises Money For Orphans

Victoria Raises Money For a Child To Be Adopted


Get ready for some happy tears! This story will melt your heart!

Meet Victoria!  She raised $150 to donate towards the adoption of another child. 

She was adopted from Poland by a loving family, Greg and Leigh, back in 2012.  Read more below. 

Girl who was adopted wants to raise money for orphans to be adopted.

Pecans for Poland | Adoption Fundraiser


As Greg and Leigh are teaching Victoria about giving back to her community, she told them that she’d like to make a difference for another child who doesn’t have parents.  

She decided to raise money to help someone adopt another orphan!  

She is donating the $150 she raised to donate to another adoptive parent! 

Greg and Leigh have 2 Pecan trees in their backyard.

Victoria, who is now 11, collected these pecans, packaged them and sold them at a local community event.

Because she was adopted from Poland, her campaign was named, “Pecans for Poland”.

We’ve selected Amanda as the recipient of this grant, which may just be the sweetest grant ever!

Adoptive mom receives a grant from an adopted child.

Going By Faith  | About the Recipient


Amanda is more than halfway done with her adoption process and has an approved home study for an adoption from Bulgaria

She is a single mom, an incredible and loving woman who is also very strong in her Christian faith.

This gesture is a God sent for Amanda as it encourages her to keep pushing forward and keep sacrificing on her path to adopting her child.

Greg and Leigh, Victoria’s parents, know a thing or two about the sacrifice that is required when going through the adoption process.  It just so happens that we have a article written in 2014 about their journey here.

If you read their story above, they’ll tell you that they had a “plan”  about how they were going to adopt.

But as often times He does, God’s plan was quite different.  It required perseverance and faith.

That is why we feel this grant is meant for Amanda, because she has already sacrificed a lot and has gone out by faith in her adoption.

If you’d like to learn more about Amanda, and how you can help her adoption, please visit her GoFundMe page here.