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Poland Baby Adoption - Saint Mary International Adoption

Polish International Adoption

Meet Matt and Rebecca!  They’re a North Carolina family, so we’ve met them in person -so we can tell you first hand that they’re copletely awesome! 

They fought hard to bring “PK” home!  When we needed something from them – like documents – they were on top of it.  Then when we needed them to be patient – they were on top of that too! 

Thank you so much Matt and Rebecca!  We’re so happy to have been able to watch you on your journey! 

It is a privelge that God has entrusted us with the mission to help them. We feel blessed that God can use sinners like us for his purposes.  It is awesome to watch Him miracoulasly match up His families through the international adoption process. 

We get to see the adoption process at work daily. However, as believers, we know that God can use anyone person and any one process for His purposes.  So, though each family goes through the same Hague adoption process, we firmly believe that each child was predestined for each family before any of us could even anticipate!  

To God be the glory for every child adopted!  This family is coming home from Poland on January 25, 2017! 








A Video From Poland

We love skying and facetiming with our parents while they’re bonding in Poland! 

This is a video of us talking with them a few weeks ago. We like showing future adoptive parents real videos showing real St. Mary’s parents.

It beats having to explain everyting with bulletpoints!

Thank you Matt and Rebeca for leting us share!  

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