Counting Down to 2 LESS ORPHANS..








The above timer has been at all “zeroes” since December 19th, 2016.  We see that as a pretty awesome Christmas adoption gift for one of our Saint Mary’s Adoptive Families who came home from Poland with two siblings that day.  

They left the world with two less orphans.  And in doing so, they moved our agency’s overall count to 200 less orphans since 2001.

We pray for our parents a lot.  From having the courage to start the journey and all throughout the entire process.  When you believe that prayer works, you tend to lean on it a lot.  We sort of do that here at our agency. The actual journey of international adoption is often times unpredictable.  That is when prayer comes in handy. There are difficult days, and the reasons can be many.  However, the good days that follow outweigh the hard days by a ratio of ENORMOUS to 1.

We are so happy to have been given the opportunity to serve this awesome family with their Polish international adoption. 

David and Luisa, we sincerely thank you for putting up with us this whole time.  We thank you for pushing through the tough times like it was nothing. And we thank you for skyping with us so often while in Poland (we really like that). 

Welcome Home.

-from the staff at Saint Mary International Adoptions.

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