Waiting Children and Cost - Explained

One of the most commonly confused things about adoptiong a “waiting child” is that parents assume that the children whose pictures they see are the only children available for adoption from that country.

That is not the case.

The waiting children are considered “waiting” because their government considers them as more urgently needing to find a loving home. Often times the reason for the urgency is medically related.

Please watch this video where Nick tries to explain how “waiting child” and “tradtional adoption” can compliment eachother and how you can most effectively approach the process. – and open up your options.

Another common mistake is seeing the total cost of the adoption process and deciding that you simply can’t afford it.

Look at the adoption proces, and its costs like a marathon, not a sprint.

With our agency, the fees become due as you advance thru the major milestones.

Also, we’ve developed payment plans at the agency level, and we’ve found good financing options thru local banks in Charlotte – a city known for its banking industry.

You can spread the cost to make it feel like a monthly payment – similarly to how you’d finance anything else.

Watch Elizabeth explain a little bit about the financing.

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Waiting Children