Poland Update by Dept of State

August 7, 2018

We just wanted to give an update about Poland.

The Department of State just held a seminar, on August 7, 2018, over the phone to hear back from agencies who are working with Poland.

It appears from the call, and the experience of other agencies, that Poland is operating with many delays without clarification.  This is causing some frustration with agencies and families.

Despite the recent frustrations, the agencies appeared to remain optimistic that Poland would continue to work with them to help their existing cases and future cases.  Some agencies mentioned they are communicating with the Catholic Center in regards to how to best advocate for special needs children.

The Department of State representative thanked the agencies for their hard work with Poland, and it sounded like the Department was collecting this feedback from working agencies so that they could have a meaningful conversation with the Polish authorities.

The Department said they’ll keep us posted.  As they do, we will update this blog to keep you posted also.