Danica's Adoption Journey

“Before – After Video” 2012 – 2016

Today, we wanted to take some time and tell you how thankful we’re to our serve adoptive parents with international adoption.  

It is humbling to be reminded that the King of the Universe, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is willing to use sinners like us for His beautiful plans!  

We’re thankful to hear how he prepared our parents’ hearts for adoption, which sometimes takes years.  Also, we’re grateful for how He lead them to our agency, which is always a cool story. It is a blessing that He’s entrusted us to fight for them.  We’re thankful He’s given us the wisdom to make their lives easier.  It is awesome that He has allowed us to be a part of their journey!

Today, we’re celebrating Danica’s Adoption Journey!  For me personally, (Nick), I’ll always remember Brad and Deanna, as they were one of my first adoptive parents.  I had been working in the agency for a while when they began the process.  However, it was the first time when someone contacted me almost exclusively when they had a question, or when they wanted to check on why Poland is taking “forever”.  It was the first time when I got to experience firsthand some of the emotions that the adoptive parents go through during the different stages of the process.  

We’re thankful to have watch your journey and see how incredibly cool parents you are!  That has been true since March 21, 2012 and is only getting to be more true with each day that passes! 

Its awesome to celebrate nearly 5 years! Thank you Brad and Deanna and Danica! We hope to see you at our annual reunion for St. Mary’s adoptive families in July at the beach!


(-By the way, we had a mini staff meeting and decided that you should probably adopt again very soon).  

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“Before” –  2012

“After” –  2016

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