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We love to use technology when it can benefit orphans.  When our adoptive parents share their Polish adoption story with others, it can help inspire other adoptive parents to pursue the adoption of a child.  Anything that we can do to help begin a process that will result in “one less orphan” is something that we love to do.  The rest, as a Christian agency, we believe is upto God’s plan for each family and each child.  We pray that this adoption blog, as shared by our adoptive parents can touch someone’s heart to consider adopting from Poland. We also remain prayerful that adoptive parents reading this blog will see that it isn’t all that hard to adopt.  Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying its a walk in the park.  But, with the right amount of determination, patience, and perseverance, the Hombirgs were able to do it.  Therefore, we believe that you can too! Don’t worry, we’ll pour out our 15 years of experience and be at your side at every step all the way until we all witness God’s miracle in one less orphan!

We hereby, gladly share our St. Mary’s family’s story of their Polish international adoption:


We are thankful to our dear adoptive parents for sharing their story.  Though frozen in time (2011), their story is a real story and we encourage future adoptive parents to read it.

To God be the glory for each child adopted!



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