Withdrawal of a Referral

Important Info


Agency Procedures Regarding Withdrawal of Referral 


The Agency does not withdraw a referral until the prospective adoptive parent(s) have had two weeks (unless extenuating circumstances involving the child’s best interests require a more expedited decision) to consider the needs of the child and their ability to meet those needs, and to obtain physician review of medical information and other descriptive information, including video tapes of the child if available. The CEO shall be the officer responsible for communicating to parents that the agency will not withdraw a referral until the adoptive parents have had 2 weeks to consider the needs of the child and their ability to meet those needs. This information shall be communicated in the agency’s adoption contract, and additionally shall be communicated to the parents by the CEO at the time a referral is made for consideration. The CEO shall also inform the parents, both through the adoption contract and at the time the referral is offered that the host country may in certain cases unilaterally withdraw the child for consideration, and that such withdrawal would be beyond the control of the agency or the United States authorities. If the agency becomes aware of information that the host country is considering withdrawal of the child prior to the expiration of the 2 weeks, the agency shall promptly notify the prospective adoptive parents of this information as soon as practical upon learning such information. CEO shall be tasked with the responsibility of communicating such information to the prospective adoptive parents.


Agency Policy about Withdrawal of a Referral 


The agency’s policy is to give 2 weeks to its adoptive parents to make a decision whether they’d like to move forward with any particular referral.  The agency would not withdraw a referral on its own accord.  However, the agency informs adoptive parents that the Central Authority may withdraw a referral with or without an explanation.  The agency’s policy is to inform adoptive parents, if CA requires a quicker decision than the 2 weeks permitted if the child has “extenuating circumstances involving the child’s best interest require a more expedited decision”.   If CA makes our agency aware of such “extenuating circumstance”, the agency will inform its clients.  

Additionally, agency’s social worker requires adoptive parents to select a trusted medical professional during the home study process, so when medical and social information is made available by CA, the adoptive parents have a ready plan in place to get a consult.