Corona Virus and Adoption?

International Adoption

4 Reasons To Start Your Adoption Now?

While the world is on lockdown, can it be a good time to start the adoption process?


Reason 1: China is Re-Opening

This virus sure is terrible, and has caused the world a lot of damage.  But, China is starting to Re-OPEN.

It doesn’t look like we’ll be re-opening in the next several weeks or even months, but it is good to know that this “new way of life” isn’t going to last forever! 

If China can do it, we should be able to do it too, right? 

If you don’t fully trust the Chinese government and their decisions, Apple is actually opening all of its stores in China – and you know the decision makers at Apple are not looking to get in trouble. 

Reason 2: More Free Time

If you believe that this thing is actually coming to an end, then this time in which we are on “lockdown” can be used productively.

People ask me, “why does it take 6 – 9 months (or more) to do a home study and a dossier”?

I tell them, because life doesn’t stop! You’ll still have your work, your life, its joys and problems.

If you could focus entirely on your adoption, it wouldn’t take that long.

So, that is why, now that we’re working from home and can’t go anywhere, could be the perfect time to complete the paperwork.  

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Reason 3: Timing Is Everything

Governments who help people with adption, either directly or indirectly, are currently not considered “essential” – so many of these offices are currently closed.

However, when they do re-open, your paperwork could be the first thing they see.

After several months of delays, and unfortunately an increased number of orphans, government authorities might be looking to move things more quickly.

So, in addition to having ample time, the timing of dossier submission could play out in your favor.

Reason 4:  37 Months Interest Free Financing

Surrounding the virus, people have been doing kind things for each other.  Example is electric companies not charging late fees or disconnecting service.

We think that our interest free financing option is a perfect fit for this situation. 

We don’t think any other agencies offer this, but we love being the first! 

It works simple.  We’ve taken the total cost of fees that are due to us, not including third party fees (like airfare) and divided the total by 37 months. 

It comes out to $824 per month. 

So you can get started on all your paperwork with your first month’s payment. Then, if you decide to discontinue, for whatever reason, we are not going to charge any more payments from that day forward. 

In a way, this is a very “reduced financial risk” to pursue a traditional adoption.  (does not include “waiting child route”)