We invite you to watch this adoption video showing one of our St. Mary’s Adoptive families and their sweet daughter!  They adopted their daughter from the Hague Convention Country of Poland using our agency’s services. 

This is one of the adoption videos which was shared with us on a special occasion. December 5th marks two years since this Saint Mary International Adoption’s family adopted their beautiful daughter from Poland. We hope that this video will inspire those going through international adoption, and give them strength to continue pursuing their dreams of adopting. We pray that such videos can motivate prospective adoptive, because as Allison says the process “hasn’t always been easy, it seldom was…but it was always perfect!”

We agree with Allison.  We cannot promise you that international adoption is an easy process that you will fly through with ease. In fact it is a lengthy, complex and emotional process which will require much effort on your part. If your heart leads you to adopt from Poland, we would love to be the ones to guide you through it.  

We believe that at the end, God’s work will be perfect!


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Poland Adoption