Waiting Siblings - Amadeo, Pamela, Zaria

International Adoption

Waiting Child Photolisting – Amadeo, Pamela and Zaria.

Meet Pamela.

She is 9.

Special needs: born prematurely (35-36 gestatopm week); mild mental delay; 

Pamela is spunky and loves being the center of attention.  She  loves to play outside with her friends.

Pamela has sessions with a resource teacher, speech therapist, a psychologist and a special pedagogue who are helping her overcome the delays in her development. She has achieved a great progress in the last three years.


Meet Zaria.

She is 11.

Special needs: None!

Zaria is a well-mannered, polite and respectful girl. She loves helping around the home. She demonstrates care for her younger sister and she is usually the one who introduces order and discipline when the three are spending time together.

Meet Amadeo.

He is 13.

Special needs: Mild mental delay;

Amadeo loves sports and spending time with friends. He also likes helping around the household.

Amadeo works with a speech therapist and resource teacher and he achieves progress albeit slowly.

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