Waiting Twins Axel and Alyson

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Bulgarian boy waiting to be adopted.

Meet adorable twins:  Alyson and Axel. 

Alyson and Axel are 5. 


Special needs: Alyson has some special needs that she will need help with.  However, she is also showing improvement in some areas. 

Alyson expresses episodically a smile when interacting with her foster parent.

She reacts to intonation and timbre and when she is tactile stimulated she smiles.

Alyson has positive reactions to the appropriate and recommended physical exercises made by the foster parent.


Special needs: Axel too has some speical needs and delays that he will need help to improve in and overcome.  

Axel walks, runs, climbs and go down the slide.

It is reported that in the last months Axel has started to copying mimics and gestures of the adults or other children and he also tries to repeat syllables.

Axel is following instructions such as: kiss your sister, caress her hand, come here, take this, give it back to me, put your shoe off, now put it back on.

If you’d like to learn more about how to adopt these twins and the Bulgarian adoption process, please contact us by filling out the form below and we’ll be in touch to tell you more about them. 

Update from July 11, 2019

Axel keeps making progress and you will see him sorting items by shape, following adult’s instructions, putting his clothes on and taking them off, taking part in a pretend play, dancing with his foster mom, searching for and finding hidden objects, being playful on the playground, etc., etc. This sweet boy has so much potential! Although Alison spends most of the time in her stroller, she follows others with her eyes, she responds adequately to being tickled and caressed, she makes an eye contact and seems to be enjoying the hugs of her foster mom. Axel is very tender and caring with his sister – he brings her toys, caresses her and gives her kisses. Alyson seems to enjoy interactions with her brother and foster mother. Axel and Alyson are precious children who would fit in a family with or without other children.