Waiting Siblings Eddy Kristi and Roseanne

International Adoption
Waiting girl for adoption
Waiting girl for adoption

Meet Eddy, Kristi, and Roseanne.   

Eddy is 9.  He has some delays.  Eddy is enrolled in auxiliary school where he feels good.  He likes receiving attention.  He constantly seeks the approval of his caregivers.  He is very social and likes to make new friends. He respects adults and treats children well.  He likes to play with other children, but also likes playing by himself.    

Kristi is 13.  He has some delays.  She is enrolled in auxiliary school where she feels good.  Kristi is shy.  She is immature for her age.  She understands others but has trouble expressing herself.  She lacks confidence and needs adult support in some activities.

Roseanne is 14.  She has some delays she’ll need help to overcome.  She is enrolled in auxiliary school where she feels good and has a lot of friends.  She is sociable and communicates both with peers and with adults.  She is shy in front of strangers.  She has very good personal hygiene and tries to dress well.  She is calm and stable. 

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