Waiting Siblings Karl and Vaughn

International Adoption

Waiting girl for adoption

Meet Karl and Vaughn. 

Karl is 9.   

Karl has no special needs. 

Karl is artistic and creative.  He likes building things, solving puzzles, drawing and cutting.   His dream is to become a famous soccer player. He does well at school.  He strives to do his homework perfectly (without any errors) each day.  He takes care of his own room together with his brother.  They keep their room neat.  He has a strong emotional bond with his brother. 

Karl’s attitude towards adoption is positive. 

Vaughn is 15. 

He has no special needs. 

Vaughn follows established rules and norms of behavior.  He respects authority and reacts with positive emotions toward others.  

He is not aggressive. 

He likes learning new things.  He is motivated to excel at school.  He is hardworking and strives for success.  He like sports.  He likes scientific movies and geography.  He likes to read books and watch TV. 

He has a strong emotional bond with his brother. 

Vaughn’s attitude towards adoption is positive. 

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