Waiting Siblings Jacob, Kallen and Harris

International Adoption

Waiting Child Photolisting

Three brothers hoping to be adopted
Waiting child taking a picture for his future parents.
Orphan playing with his new toy in the orphanage.

International Adoption Photolising – Jacob, Kallen and Harris 

Meet these adoroable boys! 

Kallen is 14, Jacob is 11 and Harris is 10. 

They are healthy and have no special needs. 

These three handsome boys are waiting for a family of their own. They lived in their biological environment until five years ago but they were severely neglected and the social service made a decision to place them in a group home after the social service established that the children were living in extremely poor conditions and being left on their own with no adult supervision and having not had proper feeding and clothing. At the time of their placement the boys did not speak Bulgarian but knew only Roma language. For that reason they were supported via additional social services and resource education. All of them made great progress with the Bulgarian language and now use it freely.

We have more info available for them, so if you’d like to learn more, please contact us. 

They are also eligible for a grant. 

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