Waiting Child - Gia and Jace

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Waiting girl for adoption

Meet Jace and Gia. 

Jace is 10.

Special needs: None! Healthy child with normal physical and neuro-psychological development.  

Jace is bilingual and in his desire to express himself he frequently changes words into Turkish. He understands and follows instructions, participates in dialogues and conveys his thoughts and questions.

He manifests sympathy, sharing and he establishes friendships with peers of the same gender.

Jace prefers free games with friends. He loves animals. He shares that he wants to become a policeman when he grows up.

He treats others with respect. He really values his relationships with his foster mother and his older sister with whom he shares everything that he is enthusiastic about. He is willing to listen to them.

Jace loves games, especially ones that require movement, dexterity, strength. He takes joy in being able to cope. He is able to play both on his own and with other children. He says he likes riding a bike, playing soccer, playing hide-and-seek and tag, taking care of pets, watching cartoons and playing at the computer.

Jace is independent in terms of eating, dressing and maintaining his hygiene. He has a daily regime, orientated towards school, games and family activities. He helps in tidying up his personal space and belongings at home.


Gia is 13. 

Special needs: None! Healthy child with normal physical and neuro-psychological development.

Gia presents as calm and balanced. She speaks freely about thoughts and feelings, recognizes her own and others’ emotions. She is happy when she receives praise. She is lovable towards dogs and cats.

Gia is bilingual and sometimes considers and searches for the right word. She likes reading books and strives to improve her active and passive vocabulary.

Gia likes sharing time and activities with peers from the same gender, establishes trustful relationships and has a “best friend”. The foster mother is an important adult – they share some activities and Gia listens to her advice.

Gia loves drawing and coloring. She also likes computer games, riding a bicycle and interacting with her friends.

Gia has established hygiene and self-service habits. She likes maintaining a clean appearance. She participates in the domestic activities, serving and setting the table and cleaning the kitchen.

Gia’s sleep is usually calm. She eats various foods and has no allergies.

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Waiting girl for adoption