Waiting Children Ignazio Alfonso and Ilario

International Adoption
Waiting girl for adoption

Meet Ilario (8) Alfonso (10), , and Ignazio (12). 

Ilario is 8.  He has no special needs. 

Ilario is modest and easily impressed.  He is a calm boy and doesn’t demonstrate physical or verbal aggression. He has established excellent self serve skills.  He sleeps calmly through the night.  

Alfonso is 10.  

He presents as outgoing, sociable, active and emotional.  He has hygiene habits correspondent to his age.  He makes his bed.  he tides up his room together with his older brother.  They are teaching their younger brother how to do the same.  He likes to be clean.  He even tries to keep his clothes clean he goes out to play. 

Ignazio is 12.  He has no special needs. 

Ignazio is very responsible and when he undertakes a commitment, he follows thru with it.  He enjoys going to school and looks forward to attending class. 

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