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How To Learn More About This Child?

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Meet Sweet Penelope!

Meet Penelope. She is 8 at the time of this post – in July 2022.

Good thing is that Penelope is in good health and that she is strong girl.  She is sweet kid and charming in her own way!

Down Syndrome:  Generally, Penelope’s development is slowed down in all areas. Her cognitive skills are more affected and they could be described as severe mental retardation. This is happening for two reasons, first one is Down syndrome and everything that goes with it, the second reason would be, her transfer to, and her stay in social institution, hadn’t helped her to develop her potentials.

What She Can Do?

Penelope walks and run independently.  She can go upstairs, downstairs without any problems.  She likes to play in the park, swings, slides etc. She she can handle obstacles on her way.

Penelope started to develop vocal and language skills.  She can repeat certain words after teachers and care givers, she knows the difference between “big” and “small:.  She starts (more and more) to use her simple vocabulary to communicate, “what”, “where”, “I can do that” etc.  She learns things by “trial and error learning”. She accepted social phrases, and she uses them in daily communication. Penelope can point out and say names of many things for example; car, cup, watch, house, etc.

What She Needs Help With?

Penelope attends school for kids with different special needs. The work with children is mostly done by special educators and nurses. Her health is constantly monitored by our pediatrician and if needed she is taken to specialists for further check-ups.

Work with Penelope requires a lot of repetitions before she gets it in the right way, and this is predominantly the model how she learns to perform different tasks.

There is no doubt that Penelope can do much better, there is no doubt that she has potential for further development. Permanent family environment would provide ideal conditions for her progress, surely, her socio-emotional development would be much faster.

Continue Your Research

We are humbled to have over 23 years of experience with BulgarianPolish and Serbian international adoption. We also help parents adopt children with special needs such as Down Syndrome.  Continue to learn about the process and your options by checking the links below.  If you have any questions, we offer a FREE, No-Obligation Consult.  The consult is a great place to start your research.

Text us or call us with any questions.  704 527 7673.

NC licensed adoption agency with 24 years of international adoption experience.


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