Waiting Child - Lilly

International Adoption

Waiting Child Photolisting

child waiting to be adopted internationally.
Lilly is waiting to find parents.
Lilly is an orphan hoping to be adopted.

International Adoption Photolising – Lilly

Meet Lily.

She is 11.

She has some delays including a moderate mental delay.                                                                  

Lilly is friendly and sociable. She always strives to attract others’ attention.  

Lilly loves listening to folklore music and she tries to dance.  

Lilly has developed a positive bond with her foster family and the psychologist working with her sees this as a positive sign for Lilly’s future ability to bond with her adoptive family. Lilly has positive attitude towards a possible adoption process. The foster parents are explaining the procedure to her and Lilly shares that she wants to see “the good mother, who will take care of her”. 

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