Waiting Children - Kenny and Annie

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Waiting Child Photolisting – Kenny and Annie

Kenny is 9.

Kenny is a charming and radiant boy. He likes listening to music and dancing. He also likes playing soccer and watching TV.

Kenny loves meat and he doesn’t like meals with no meat. He loves “kebabche” and pizza.

Kenny‘s favorite color is red and he dreams of having a big, red car someday. Kenny wants to become a police officer, because he “wants to catch bad people and help good ones”.

Kenny very much wants to have mommy and daddy!

Annie is 12.

Due to disturbed sleep Annie was suspected of having somnambulism and was prescribed Chlorprothixene and Neurotop in order to sleep better at night. The diagnosis of somnambulism was not confirmed but Annie keeps taking the medications. She no longer wakes up at night.

Annie is active and curious and longs for attention, love and approval. She loves the “Harry Potter” movies and listening to music. Her favorite meal is the traditional Bulgarian bean soap, but she doesn’t like pees. Her favorite color is red.

Annie dreams of having a family and loving parents.

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