Waiting Child - Kami

International Adoption
Waiting girl for adoption

Meet Kami.   

She is 13. 

Kami presents as a calm, kind-hearted and well-behaved girl. She adheres to the rules in the group and the daily regime.

Kami is adaptive in a new environment. Kami feels well at the group home where she continues improving her ways to communicate and her vocabulary. Kami is friendly and shows respect to the other children and they respect her, too. She takes pleasure in helping the younger children and offers her help on her own. She frequently fills in for the other children at her own initiative.

Kami maintains her personal space. Her wardrobe is kept tidy. She participates in the schedule for helping in the kitchen and living room. Her sleep is calm.

Kami wants to have a family and she shares a positive attitude towards the adoption.

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