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Waiting Child Photolisting

waiting child photolisting in Bulgaria.
special needs boy waiting to be adopted.
special needs boy walking with no assistance.

International Adoption Photolising – Jamie

Meet Jamie.  He is only 3 years old.

She has some special needs and some delays, including a severe mental delay and spina bifida aperta, condition after surgery.

Sweet Jamie is making progress.  He is emotionally calm and enjoys the company of others.  He likes it when someone is singing and holding him.  He distinguishes between familiar and unfamiliar people.  No aggressive manifestations are observed.  Jamie shows interest in toys.  He reaches for toys and grabs them.  Jamie pronounces words with clear articulation.  He is able to pronounce several words and to repeat after an adult.  

He will benefit from being placed in a family and raised in a harmonious environment where he receives individual care to stimulate his autonomy. 

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