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Waiting Child Photolisting – Alissa

Meet Alisaa

She is 3.

Alissa is a precious 3 years old girl who is waiting for a family to call her own! Alissa has never lived with her biological family, so when she was discharged from the hospital after birth, she was placed in a Home for Medical and Social Care for Children where she still resides at present.

Special needs: syndrome of congenital anomalies predominantly affecting the facial area; specific disorders in the development of the motor functions; bilateral convergent strabismus; mixed disorders in the psychological development; moderate to severe delay in the neuro-psychological development;

Alissa walks independently, goes up the stairs unassisted, only holding on to the railings, she goes down the stairs when held by the hand. Alissa sits, bends, squats and runs.

Alissa demonstrates demonstrates interest in the surrounding environment. Her interest in the relation between objects is increasing. Alissa’s  emotions are well-differentiated and she expresses them freely.

She smiles during tactile stimulation and is emotionally responsive to music and especially to children’s songs. She demonstrates the pleasure and positive emotions she is feeling through rocking movements.

Alissa cooperates when an adult puts her shoes on and off and when dressed. She is fed by an adult with a spoon but actively participates in feeding- puts her hand in the bowl and examines the texture of the food but she shows no interest in holding the spoon. She goes to sleep on her own. She is still on diapers. 

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