Post Adoption Requirements

Welcome Home!
We’re excited and humbled to have been able to help you (slightly) with your international adoption! We’re so happy that you’re home!
At this point, we’ve emailed your social worker a template for the reports that are required per the Hague Convention. These reports are important because the Central Authority reviews them in their post evaluation of their adoption match.  It is very rare that they’ll ask any questions, but it is possible that they would.  That is why it is important to present the reports in a timely manner.
Failure to comply with post adoption requirements may result in the the Central Authority intervention thru the Embassies in the US.  If they choose to do so, it is upto their discretion, and there isn’t anythign we can do at the agency level – if you hadn’t complied with their reporting reporting requirements.  Remember, the post adoption reports help to evaluate child safety and well being. 
We hope that you’ll always be advocates for international adoption and that you’ll keep in touch with us over social media long after we’ve met the post adoption requirements.
We kindly ask that you upload all of these required docs.  But we also need them so we can issue you – your TAX RECEIPT – so you can get your adoption tax credit. 

Below you will see a PayPal Option to Pay for your Post Adoption Reports