Waiting Child vs Traditional Adoption

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– Waiting Child Adoption Preocess Explained- 

We estimate that about 20% – 30% of all Bulgarian Adoptions are “Waiting Children”.  The rest are “Traditional”.

Contrary to common belief, the pictures of “waiting children” that you see DO NOT make up the entire pool of children waiting for parents.

“Waiting Children” are listed by Ministry of Justice and rotated between accredited agencies in Bulgaria.

Children are listed because, in the eyes of the MOJ, they have more severe special needs, or are older.

Sometimes the needs may turn out to be less significant than the MOJ thought.  However, often times, children do have more severe special needs, if younger.

Upon accepting the child’s needs, MOJ expedites your adoption.

MOJ requests CIS approval within 6 months (may allow upto 9 upon request).

Upon getting CIS approval (thru home study) the rest of the process can take less than 6 months.

Total process could take about 12 – 15 months.

You get to know the child from the beginning of the process.


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– Traditional Adoption Process Explained- 

Contrary to common belief, the MAJORITY of Bulgarian adoptions are “traditional”.

We estimate that upto 70% of adoptions from Bulgaria are “Traditional”, not “Waiting Child”

“Traditional” means that you provide paperwork before knowing who the child will be.

With traditional adoption, you can specify, much more so than “waiting child” what risks/special needs you are willing to accept.

Bulgaria, compared to other countries, is more receptive of what needs you’re willing to accept/not accept.

Adoptive parents may fill out a separate medical questionnaire – as to what needs they’re willing to accept – to help MOJ.

Children who are over 5, and under 10, who do not appear to have serious special needs are referred to families in less than a year.

In recent experience with our cases, children over 5 and under 10, were referred to our clients for less than 6 months (closer to 3 months).

Referrals of younger children, under 5, are not taking as long as of recent, despite MOJ estimates.