- 3 Years Later -

Poland Adoption | 3 Years Later 

We’re so happy to show you this beautiful Saint Mary’s adoptive family!  Knowing that a child was adopted is a good feeling. Knowing that there is one less orphan is comforting.  But being to see how great they are all doing is a feeling that can’t easily be described with words.

To witness the love within the family and see the growth is absolutely incredible!  We are so very blessed to have families who are so supportive of each other and willing to share their stories.  We pray that their story will inspire people to adopt more children who need a loving family! 

Adopting internationally isn’t a walk in the park.  Amie and Kenton sure dealt with some surprises during the adoption process.  But they kept going forward.  And now they can see that God’s plan is always better than our own!  Given their adoption experience, we think they will certainly agree! 

Having helped our families with Polish adoptions since 2001, we’ve certainly seem stories that can be attributed to nothing else, but His grace and mercy! 


International Adoption Family


Adoptive family 3 Years Later

Poland Adoption

Young girl adopted from Poland.