Christian Adoption Counseling

The Bridge Counseling Ministries

Did You Know?

Did you know that Anxiety Disorders  are the most common illness in the US, affecting 40 Million adults, or 18% of the population every year?

25% of children have anxiety disorders. (Ages 13 -18)

(source: Anxiety and Depression Association of America) 

What is Causing Anxiety?

In a survey done by the American Psychiatric Association, out of 1,000 adults, nearly 48% said they’re “extremely” or “somewhat” anxious about “My Relationship with family, friends, coworkers”.

(Source: American Psychiatric Association) 

How Does Adoption Play into This?

According to these top research instituions listed above, 18% of US adults and 25% of children deal with anxiety and nearly 48% of it can be attributed to it arising out of dealing with relationships.

Adoption is a relationship.

In fact, it is a lifelong relationship!


Therefore, counseling can help!


The Bridge Counseling Ministries is a 501C3 Non-Profit that was inspired by an adoption story!

The Bridge Counseling Ministries was inspired at the need to counsel a relationship that was created because of an international adoption.

The counselors at “The Bridge” are believers who have many years of experience with overseeing and counseling international adoption.  At the same time, they have a background in family therapy.

Relationships are important! And the adoption relationship is very important!

“The Bridge” is an excellent resource for adopted families!