When we decided to adopt a child, we knew that we wanted to do an international adoption in Poland since we are both Polish. After doing some research on the Internet, we found St. Mary’s as one of the few placing agencies in the United States that work in Poland. We wanted to make sure that this agency was reliable and well-regarded in Poland, so we called the Polish adoption authorities, who confirmed that St. Mary’s is well known as an American placing agency in Poland. There are other adoption agencies that work with Poland, but we quickly realized that St. Mary’s was the best choice because of the fact that they were always available to answer our questions.

Our experience with the agency was excellent. Vesselina and Nick walked us through all Mother Holding Her Adopted Son the steps in the international adoption process. They always answered our questions either via email or phone, and they approached the process very professionally; however, they never forgot that this is, in fact, a very emotionally sensitive process to go through. Vesselina is simply the best. It didn’t matter if we called once or five times, she was always patient with us and our concerns regarding the process. When it was finally time to travel to Poland, the Polish representatives were equally professional and did an amazing job of guiding us through the Polish bureaucracy, which was probably the most stressful part since we had already met our son, but could not take him home, yet. They made all the arraignments for different meetings, court dates, and they were always available 24/7. Most importantly, they never treated us like we were just a case number.

Our recommendation for future adoptive parents going through the process is to be patient, patient, and patient. It takes a lot of time to fill out the paperwork and go through the process, but it is doable, especially with the guidance from St. Marys. St Mary’s and Vesselina know what they are doing and even though there is a lot of paperwork, it is all things that are already in your life; it is just a matter of collecting it all together.

It was definitely worth all the time, stress and money. Our son is the center of our lives now and we truly cannot imagine being without him.

-Mark and Agnieszka Barycza