State Adoption Law

What to Do with the State Adoption Law?

Please note that the background of this page is in yellow.  I’ve done this to indicate that this document is not be apostilled.  

Please ask your social worker for your state adoption law.  They will most likely easily be able to point you to it or send you a link.  Check with us too before you do any of that because if we’ve served other St. Mary’s Parents in your state, chances are we already have it.  Either way, lets say that we don’t have it and that your social worker can’t help you, let me know I’ll help you.  In either scenario, so that you know, we are looking for a citation, maybe a chapter, not an entire book.  Please don’t print an entire book of state law to send to me. 🙂 

This copy of your adoption state law and its precise citation does not need to be signed, or notarized, or apostilled.  All we need is a copy to add to your file so that Poland can review it as a part of their approval process. 

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