Waiting Child - Roberta and Kaleb

International Adoption
Waiting girl for adoption

Meet Roberta.

She is 15.

Special needs: None!

Roberta presents as calm, friendly and positive.

She copes well with performing daily activities such as cleaning, preparing food, maintaining the gardens and tidying up her personal space.

Roberta freely establishes contacts with adults, children and classmates. She is able to establish and maintain friendships.

Roberta demonstrates interest in music and dancing. In her spare time she likes listening to music, watching TV, applicating. She enjoys activities involving decoupage and other similar techniques. She also likes going out for walks in the park and picnics.

Roberta is fully independent in her everyday life and she has developed all self-service, health and hygiene habits.

Roberta shares a positive attitude towards the adoption process.

Meet Kaleb.

He is 14.

Special needs: Disorder in the development of the scholastic skills, unspecified

Kaleb presents as positive, spontaneous and friendly.

He establishes contacts with adults, children and classmates.  

Kaleb demonstrates interest in music and dancing. He loves playing soccer.

He likes going out for walks in the park, picnics and sports.

Kaleb works with a resource teacher according to an individual educational plan.

Kaleb has developed health, cultural and hygiene habits. He tidies the clothes in his wardrobe and makes his bed. Kaleb is not a picky eater and has a good appetite. He helps with cleaning the table and participates in washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen after eating. His sleep is calm.


Kaleb shares a positive attitude towards the adoption process.


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