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“Tiny But Mighty” | Polish Adoption

“Tiny but Mighty” is how one of our awesome moms describes her beautiful daughter!

We love it when our parents share updated photos of their kids on our St. Mary’s online group.  We keep this group exclusive to our parents.  We know that it makes the journey easier for our parents when they have someone to share with.  So this group is something we do for fun.

Gladly, it is fun that often times we get to see!  We may see our parents visiting each other and posting photos of those trips.  We may see them going together to Chicago to upkeep their kids’ Polish passports by visiting the Polish Embassy.  Or visiting one of our moms in Orlando when they go to Disney World.

Whatever it may be, it is usually very much fun.  We particularly love it when they share with us before and after adoption photos.

Today’s incredible story is that of Aven!  Her parents brought her home from Poland back in 2010.  Today, we’re sharing with you a video which her mom shared with us back then in 2010.  However, we’ve edited it to show you the before and after adoption magic! 

As you can see Aven has always been beautiful.  And today, almost 6 years after coming home, she is quickly growing to become a beautiful young lady.  

Thank you Allison and Eric and for preserving through the difficult parts of the adoption process so that you can give this beautiful little girl the loving home which she deserves!  God Bless you! 

adopted young girl
6 years after being adopted

Mom Reports: 

Aven will be 9 in June and loves her big brother, gymnastics, running cross country, Girl Scouts, and field hockey. She is taking drum lessons, too, and is a huge basketball fan. If it has a ball, Aven loves it. She is full of energy and always on the go!

 – Aven is spunky little handful

So, yes, there are difficult parts of the adoption.  However, no one remembers those when they come home with their beautiful children, like Aven! 

To God be the Glory for each child adopted!  

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