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Adopted from Poland | 9 Years Later…! 

Our parents are incredible! 

We pray every single day – that God uses us for His plan and for His purposes.  That prayer goes a lot deeper than just our daily work… 

We know it is deeper because we’ve seen our families.  We’ve heard their stories.  Often times His plan had been developing for years, if not decades in each of their lives before deciding that international adoption is the path for them. 

The actual adoption process is just like the final step.  We are just lucky enough that we get to see it.  That we get so see how each child is a miracle for each family and vice versa.  Its an absolutely awesome feeling to see a child adopted.  An orphan accepted – through adoption – into a loving, Christian home! We celebrate that there is one less orphan in the world.  But you know what is even more awesome? Seeing the children grow up here in their loving families with their awesome parents! 

We can’t believe that it has been 9 years since this Polish adoption was finalized.  But here you have it – 9 years after photo – for these children who were adopted from Poland.  

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As you can see they have grown up to be incredibly handsome young men! Their mom reports the following about them: 

“The boys have been doing amazingly well. All are playing sports and giving us the normal teenage stuff: cell phones, horrible rap music, high school and middle school sports…”

We typically end many of our “happy posts” with, to God be the glory for each child adopted…

However, today, we add, to God be the glory for turning each one of these adopted children into amazing young men! 

Poland Adoption


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