St. Mary's Adoption Reunion - Myrtle Beach

JULY 2016

First Annual Adoption Reunion at the Beach!

All of the sudden the lights in Chick-Fil-A flashed and so we all looked up.  We realized that this flashing was the staff’s polite way of telling those still dinning that it was time to leave.  I had no idea it was 10 pm already.  We had meet for dinner at 7 pm.  It was so much fun chatting with our St. Mary’s Adoptive Families.  This was our first annual adoption reunion at the beach!

To be completely honest, we put this adoption reunion together for completely selfish reasons.  We wanted to meet our families! We’d only known them through the phone and Skype.  And even more truthfully, we wanted to see their kids!  We’ve seen how cute they are in their facebook photos, and we wanted to witness the cuteness in real life!  

The cuteness certainly did not disappoint!  However, witnessing the love and the peace within each family was quite a bit more incredible.  We know that God’s work in putting those families together works out miraculously each and every time. But, of course, seeing it is also very nice!  

What We Talked About?

The conversation over dinner changed topics quite dramatically.  One minute we were chatting about how intimidating it is to be before a judge in a foreign country.  The next minute, we were laughing at the sizes of the shampoo bottles in the Polish grocery stores.  Then we’d get serious again and talk about the social workers from the Polish Central Authority who come to evaluate your bonding period.  But then we’d lighten it up by sharing how to convince a toddler that just because they’re from Poland, it doesn’t mean that all babies come from Poland.  

In short, we had a blast with our St. Mary’s Adoptive families at the beach!  As we said, our reasons to organize this adoption reunion were quite selfish – we wanted to witness the cuteness.  However, now that we’ve seen that our families had as much fun as we did talking to us and talking to each other, we felt a little better.   And now, we officially look forward to next year’s Second Annual Myrtle Beach Adoption Reunion.  It will be the third week/end of July 2017.  

To God be the glory for every child adopted, and every family created! 

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