Poland Adoption Dossier

What is the Adoption Dossier?  

The simplest way to explain it is to say that it is the pile of paperwork that you will be gathering and putting together to be sent to Poland.  Once finished with the dossier, you will send it to our office and we will send it on to our Polish adoption representative who will then submit it to the Polish adoption commission.  Per Hague Adoption standards, Poland has a government run system that is involved in the adoption process for the protection of the children.  So does the US.  Our own government too is involved in the adoption process.  As you complete your home study, it will be sent to the offices of USCIS.  They will review the home study, run additional background checks and look for proof of your adoption preparation/education.   Upon favorable findings, USCIS will approve you as adoptive parents.  

Once you’ve pulled together all the other documents, per our instructions and with our assistance, we will submit everything to Poland for you. There, the Polish Central Authority will know who you are and your intention to adopt through this dossier. They will use the legally certified documents within it to verify that you are in fact who you say you are.  They will then, attempt to match you with a child.  Per Hague standards, we are told that the matching is done in the best interest of the child.  Of course, it is up to the parents to accept any proposed match and decide whether you’ll move forward with the adoption or wait for another attempt.  To read more about the Hague Convention and its principles, please click here. Most countries around the world where you can adopt a child from are members to this Hague Convention.  

Required Adoption Education

REQUIRED ADOPTION EDUCATION: Select the “Hague Package” for $149.  (Not China Edition).  This package includes 5 courses for a total of 10 credit hours of training on topics required for international adoption by the Hague Convention.  17% discount when you purchase as a package.

REQUIRED ADOPTION PREPARATION: Please click on the photo below to be redirected to a website where you can purchase a DVD package, called “Healing Families Package”. Instead of ordering the DVDs, you can now order everything digitally.  This reduces the prices from $250 (for the DVDs) to $165 if you buy them digitally.