St. Mary’s Parents: Being An Advocate for Orphans

This particular adoption blog written by one of our St. Mary’s parents takes place back in 2011.  However, we feel that the feelings and thoughts of these adoptive parents, though a few years old, are in fact “frozen in time” and are good advice for future adoptive parents forever.  We encourage our parents to advocate for orphans by sharing their adoptive stories.  We believe that simply by sharing their stories, they are in a way advocating for those children who are still looking for their adoptive families and their loving families! As adoption professionals, we understand that the international adoption process may appear to be quite intimidating to parents who are first beginning to research.  That is why we believe that seeing these stories through the adoption blogs of our parents can show others that “regular people” can do this.  Yes, it will require some motivation and hard work, but it is very much achievable!  

We do everything that we can to let people know about our services, and our mission, but with social media, our parents have the same power, if not more, to advocate for orphans waiting to receive the love they so desperately need!

We pray this St. Mary’s adoptive family will inspire other families to pursue international adoption.  

We hope you enjoy their amazing blog!

We are forever thankful for their desire to share it with us and you.

To God be glory for one less orphan.


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