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More Detail on Policies and Practices?


The agency fully discloses, in writing, to the general public, upon request and to prospective clients upon initial contact:

Its adoptions services policies and practices including general eligiblity, critearia, and fees.

General eligibility and fees can be found on each info page:



For additional questions and clarification on any of our services policies and practices, please fill out the contact form below to let us know what we can give you more detail about.

For additional data on how many placements our agency has done over the past 3 years, including data on how many adoptions remain entact, and how many are disrupted – we have an excel sheet that we can email you.  Please fill out the form below and let us know in the “comments section” that you would like this info, or email Nick at nick@saintmaryadoption.com.


The supervised providers with whom the prospective clients can expect to work with in the United States and in the foreing country and the usual cost associated with their services.


A sample written adoption services contract which the prospective clients will be expected to sign should they decide to proceed. 


In addition to the fees listed above, below you can find a more detailed description of the written schedule of the expected total fees and estimated expenses and an explanation of the conditions under which fees or expenses will be charged. The agency does not waive, reduce, or refund any fees or expenses.  


Additional informaton about the referral process and when a referral might be withdrawn and why.  Please click on the link belwo to learn more about the policies of the agency in regards to this issue. 

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